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Twisted Ginger Bread

by firefly131

i run from the blackness i keep trying to complete my task
your’e so hard to love i keep trying i sware to you i do
i keep laughing at all the bad things i’ve done and what i will do
why is the darkness chasing me
why do i keep losing my bereath
the ground cracks and crumbles beneath my feet
i fall and fall then i hit somthing it go’s right through me
what has happened to me
my eyes open it was just a dream but my bed is soaked with blood
there is a man by my bed he steps into the stream of light from the moon
i know him!!! i know him!!!!! 
“what did i do” i ask ” you said somthing !!!!!” “what did i say?!?!?!?”
“you told the world the truth!!!!” then i fall in to the darkness once more
 but this time i leave feeling hopeless

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