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The darkness of life,

The brigthness of death,

Life’s excruciating pain,

Death’s soothing pleasure,

Life’s long term toil,

Death’s eternal rest,

Life’s confusing uncertainty,

Death’s confirmed state,

The confinement of life,

The freedom of death,

The caustic acid that is life,

The healing balm that is death,

Life’s sour holding,

Death’s sweet release.


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MyTooSense 4/17/2012 - 11:57 am

See Saw, Ying Yang:

Sounds like the shuffling off of the ole mortal coil. Figuratively we hope.


The darkness of death,

The blinding brightness of life,

The glow of living.

Life’s excruciating pain,

Living’s soothing pleasures,

Life’s long term toil,

Living’s rock and roll,

Death’s eternal death,

Only the living can rest

Life’s confusing uncertainty,

Death’s confusing certainty,

The confinement of life conceptualized,

The freedom of living, realized

The caustic acid that is strife,

The healing balm that lives in life,

Life’s sour holding,

Death’s creepy molding.


U.N. Owen 4/17/2012 - 12:31 pm

Just is.
Existential nihilism.
Hope… that concept… destroyed for lack of reason.

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