is suicide really worth it?

April 17th, 2012by Kitty Cat

Recently I left the hospital for a suicide attepmt because a while ago I fell in love with a wonderful girl, but then found out because of me her parents were hurting her so I figured; if I died her pain and suffering would disapear, but when I woke up in the hospital she was there by herself crying i thought it was me who caused her to be beat but she was in my hospital bed next to me I later found out she only allowed her parents to do that because she didnt want me to leave her alone in this world but when I tried to commit suicide she was so sad and affraid she would lose me forever so I apoligized to her then promised never again will I try to comit suicide again so that she wont be alone. So in reality suicide is something you dont want to try im still really sore and forever changed by my near death experience (there is more to the story i prefer not to disclose)

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