Life is pointless..

  April 23rd, 2012 by shockwave

Hey guys,
The last time i post on this site was thursday i think. I was trying to make a fresh start but things kinda changed the next day when a girl from my school died from a burst appendix. Today i was at her funeral and it was very sad. She did’nt have many friends sadly and was an only child i could hardly keep my tears away today at the funeral. Why was’nt it me? since i want to die.
I did’nt even know her well but i was still depressed as it should’ve been me and she did’nt deserve to die she never said anything to anything.. I just want to be dead so badly again and my parents keep saying how hard life will be for her parents now and there ruined now..
The other day after mass in the car the priest had being telling us how his sister commited suicide and my brother and dad said suicide is the most selfish thing you can do buy causing all that pain to your family and not caring about anyone but yourself. Why can’t i take my own life? i’m the one feeling like this and it’s my life and i can hardly cope right now so how can i for the next 60 years or so.. I don’t even believe in god anymore, people wasting there time beleiving in an afterlife and dovoting so much time to god and it probabley is’nt even real..I hate life and just want to die Now…

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