My best, my only friend.

April 30th, 2012by LostForgottenSoul

My friend and I are drifting so bad. Friday she was upset over not getting a job she was feeling worthless and like a failure and was talking suicidal. I, being her best friend, tried my hardest to console her and comfort her, as i know the feelings all too well. Her response to my advice “I’m taking advice on why not to kill myself from a girl who has tried to kill herself, really, you think you can help me.” That hurt me so bad, as she said that i tried to laugh it off because she later told me it was a joke. But what kind of friend would say that to another… No friend at all I would say… She’s changed, she’s not the person I used to know and it’s unbearable. It sad when the person who made me want to get help for my issues in the first place is now the reason why i want to kill myself that much more….

I’m alone now, i don’t have anyone i trust..


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