April 4th, 2012 by [SyKo]Nuclearanthrax

oh my, look at this. Ain’t this some fucked up shit?  So now i sit here in the wreckage of what you have done, you added more scars to your only son.

Why cant you control yourself? Why do you always make my life Hell? I try to sit and picture death, to me it just sounds like the best.

I want to live, just not in this sequence. You mom, have always been my greatest weakness. I can’t sleep so I toss and turn. Imagining how great it would be, just to see it all burn.

My heart is beating, but im hardly alive. Life is a *****, and I just want to die. *SIGH* but in the end it really is ok, its just another fucked up day.

I got another chance to live this life, so for now i’m putting away the knife. Things are starting to slow down a bit. It’s not the end, I don’t have to quit.

I will be MINOR again, happier than can be. Back to the old, new me.



Your my family, and I love you all to death. The feelings I have for you guys overpowers the rest, because you just simply the best.

You all have my sincere trust, because you guys and gals are my life, my world. I try to express myself towards you, but my words get all twisted and sworled.

I can never explain myself, I create my own Hell. I try too hard, and never make it far. Sometimes, I don’t try enough. Sometimes, I just don’t give a fuck.

Sometimes, things are ok. Sometimes, I just feel so fucking deranged. I can’t say I really am happy. Because I don’t say what I want, for fear of it being too sappy.

Maybe I should, but if I do. I know I am just going to end up hurting you.


But thats how things are for me. Pain, Apathy, and Misery.

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