A little girl’s story

May 31st, 2012by AngelLilith

She wakes up everyday and look at the clock as it was a curse, one more day to fake a smile and walk trough life emotionless.

She remembers the voices on her ears when she was little, she feels someone is there to hug her but that someone is unknown and that scares her so hard she wants to cry… but she can’t, her feelings are hide on the deepest of herself so she can’t show what is feeling.

She goes to sleep with the hope of no waking anymore, but when she opens her eyes in the morning and realize that she stills …

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i suck a lot

May 31st, 2012by aging

I am socially retarded. Everyone I’ve met ever has understandably hated me. I’m aloof and unaware. People think I’m selfish and mean and awkward, etc. I have Asperger’s. Between my friends there is always a boundary between us because of this. I’ve wanted to die every day for a while, but it’s getting worse. Basically I am remembering everything that ever happened to me, and I know the phrases the past is past and only now counts, but I literally can’t forget. So I’m not sure how to live with the burden of days of years of things I’ve done. Life sucks a lot.

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our stories:)

May 31st, 2012by hailey_baby

well i guess ill start with my story since some of yall on here are new and i havent posted in awhile. when i was little the one man in my life who was supposed to be there for me left { my dad } and told my mom he hoped i died and was born with aids luckly i wasnt i was just born sick then my mom got with another man who i grew to love and called dad they broke up but i still went to his house with my new half sister everyweekend { to keep you unconfussed later i have …

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The angriest poem in the world

May 31st, 2012by lostchild445

this is the angriest poem I’ve ever written. It cones from the deepest footings of my hatred. Enjoy

I split my arms open every night to endure
The pain I am put through each day
All the fakeness all the lies I see through
Has done nothing to save my faith

I want to watch you burn. I want to see you die.
I want to see the light leave your eyes as I kiss you goodbye
And laugh the way you did when I tried to kill myself

You said that you’d be there for me
That’s one cut
You said that you’d stay true
That’s two
You said you’d never leave me
That’s a hat …

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May 31st, 2012by elenam7

I was having one of those moments where you decide, “this is fucking it, I’m gonna turn my life around.”  That did not last long, but I do have one reminder of it in the form of the word “survive” tacked onto my wall.  I feel like it should hearten me but it doesn’t; it just reminds me of how impossible that’s becoming for me.  I don’t want to live but I’m scared of death, of the pain involved.  The thought of getting up and going about my day tomorrow just makes me fucking sick.  I feel so trapped and I don’t know what to …

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howdy guys

May 31st, 2012by life sucks thin u die

hi have a questions for people that cut? how do u clean your wounds. i just run water of them. what do u guys do.

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May 31st, 2012by The Absurdist

The more honest you become with yourself, the less honest you can be with others, because you the more you sound like a nutcase.


I love my bycicle, it’s so worn and loyal. Getting rusty, and it’s a couple notches too big for my size which makes stopping and restarting a hassle and the front brake’s busted.

I daydream about getting straight out rammed by a monstrous car (then again what car isn’t a monster? Is there something uglier and more insulting than concrete?), a mangled bloody mess of broken nerves and metal lying on the pavement, a brainwave sliced by a cog.

An acrobatic improbable tumble where …

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I need help

May 31st, 2012by everyonessofake

May 31, 2012
9:30 p.m
I feel nothing. I feel useless, dull, and dead. I want to die. I’ve thought of dying. I need help. I NEED HELP! I have so much work to do I feel like I’m drowning, I feel empty. I feel like I have no emotions, I feel lifeless, that my life has no meaning. Nobody understands, at least I don’t think so. They all say it will get better or to suck it up. I can’t suck it up; my body and mind are betraying me! I know intellectually that I need to do things but then my mind and body …

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My Cure for Insomnia

May 31st, 2012by NeverPerfect

Sometimes, my depression keeps me up for hours at night.

When this happens, I roll around, trying a bunch of positions, until I find one where I can feel my heart beating.

What I do is, every time my heart beats, I imagine being stabbed in the chest. With every beat, destroying what I hate.


Until I’m dead.


….Then in the morning, I wake up and sob.

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day 2

May 31st, 2012by Schneiderang

i throw up every day


cut today



arm looks like shit


oh yeah i fucking hate my damn body!!!

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May 31st, 2012by Dawn

I haven’t done anything yet but I’m about to either cut really deep or go down some meds. I need help from anyone. Please I just need to talk. If I don’t comment back, either my iPod is taken away or my panic attack may get the best of me. Please someone talk to me. I need the distraction or I might not be here tomorrow…

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I Don’t know what to do anymore

May 31st, 2012by hate it

I started cutting in 5th grade. I always thought of trying to commet suicide but I was always to scared to try because i thought how will my parents feel ? When i got in the 6th grade things got worse I moved to a new town and my parents got divored and I didnt know anyone in this town, but i knew one person and they knew me to but not in a good way. It all started on facebook I met him and he looked cute but I never met him in person so I thought I would lie to my friends and …

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Just want it to stop

May 31st, 2012by michael93

Liquor barley helps. Sleep is non existent. Letting go of life seems so pathetic and dramatic. Yet its the only thing that I know right now that will stop the pain. I just want to feel peace even if its for 5 measly minutes. Anything to drown the pain of knowing every time I open my eyes in the morning or shut them at night.. that I’m entirely alone. Maybe some people were born by mistake

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My Story

May 31st, 2012by shopgurl48085

I joined this community because I was at a loss.  I have not been able to find support groups in my area or surrounding area.  Since finding this site, I have felt some form of connection with individuals who understand and are struggling too.  My story started the day I cut a bit too much and had the gun up to my head.   Then next day, I had been admitted to the hospital for 7 days, and treated for cutting and attempting suicide.  The amazing thing since I have been out which has been approximately a month, I wish to God that I would have …

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Not sure when.

May 31st, 2012by U.N. Owen

This was supposed to be my official last day posting here.

Mainly because I’ve a lot of trabveling to do before my demise.

But heck I’ll probably still try to help out a little up until the day I go just not as frequently.

I know i’ll be dead within three months as I’ve procured my methods, already quit my job, and already put all the legal things in place.

It may be next week or it may be in August.  But there is no turning back now.

My compassion … ah you know how it is.

Anyway… gouki99x@gmail.com if anyone wants to vent , insult me, or just talk.

I can …

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May 31st, 2012by Wolfenstein666

If you want peace, prepare for war! Basically the motto of the world

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Hiding, feeling of dying.

May 31st, 2012by shloth

Every day is the same. I wake up , ready to fall back to sleep. Back to the darkness of my mind thatswallows me whole, place of peace in a world of hate. No motivation left… Sleep through every class, can’t focus , cant process… Feeling stupid; can’t think. It’s only getting harder, everythings getting worse. Things get to me more everyday. I’m close to my breaking point. Sometimes I wonder what the easiest was is to go.. Would popping a pill bottle worth of tylenol do anything? I feel like im going to go no where in life as it is…

If anything could explain …

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Doing Better

May 31st, 2012by geo

In case those saw my last post I don’t thonk today is the day. I just heard from employers within the last 30 min I have interviews set for Friday and Monday. Thanks for all the support.

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feeling good

May 31st, 2012by veryoldperson

wasted time… doing nothing… helping no one… being alone… was my life completely in vain? to me it seems that way… oh well… one day i will understand….

i don’t know why but i feel really happy today, im loving my life today and can’t think of a better time to end it…

why not now before things go bad again?

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May 31st, 2012by Wolfenstein666

Everyone ignore nbarules12 he is an obvious troll.

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