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the Switch

by the Guardian

Sometimes, when I answer you I ask a question of you;
If you really had a choice, how would you choose?
If you had a magic wand to fix your life,
How would you wave it?
If you had a switch, that you could throw, that would end your suffering without killing you, would you throw it?
Would you?

More important than discussing the possibility of such magics, is discussing your will to use them.

What good is a true solution if you won’t use it?

And is there such a switch?
Does such a choice exist?
Can you have such power over your own life?

Yes there is such a switch.

You can actually turn off your suffering, and continue living in peace.

Do you remember the Matrix? The movie? The two pills? The rabbit hole?
It’s a little like that, but much more subtle and of course no robots.

I did not invent or discover the switch, it’s purpose is centuries old.
In fact I speak of it here often, but few of you ever notice…

Take no heed for the morrow,
For the morrow never comes…

Two Barriers stand in your way to throwing the switch,
one is your time-mind and the others is your ego-Atachment.

When you learn to control these two aspects of your life, you will learn to be free of suffering, you will walk in this world, but as never before, colors will be brighter, time will move slower, all people will appear as their true selves, beautiful. You can become as love itself, free from its opposite, not just in love, but made of love.

Your use of drugs and alcohol to subjagate your depression makes sense as it alters your perceptions. You dull your connection to your own past and future and to your own thoughts.
But drugs and alcohol can often make depression worse in the long run.
Better to alter your perceptions by stepping out of the world of painful illusion, into the truth of light.

I encourage you to read every post I have left here.
All are my gift to you.

Two posts focus on the Switch, they are called;
the Voice
the Watcher

I am the Guardian.

My time here is brief.
Before I leave I will leave a map called;
the Circle Path
And I will answer as many questions as I can regarding the possibility
that you all have beautiful, full, lives ahead of you.

But for you, now, I will shed some light on the Switch:

Your thoughts are not you, you are not your mind.
You are more real and more alive when you are not thinking.
Your whole existance takes place in a tiny slice of time called now.
You can only be free of suffering if you live here, in the now.
The past is just your memories playing in your head, in the now.
The future is just your worries playing in your head, in the now.
Live right now, turn off your Atachment to past and future.
The thoughts in your head become an ego, your ego pretends to be you.
You are a being, already perfect, you are not your ego or it’s thoughts.
Because you have an ego which is your thoughts pretending to be you, you attach to people and things.
Whenever you attach, you also take on the pain of losing what you are attached to, this is why depressed people cannot find salvation by finding a lover.
You will not find an end to suffering by attaching to that perfect guy or girl, if you need a helpful friend to guide you through your healing you must find a Mentor.
You must learn to only be attached to this moment, to the now, learn to reduce your attachments to the past, the future, to lovers, people and things.
You learn this non Atachment through the process of acceptance.
Learn to accept your situation, it will not make your situation worse, but it will make you better.
You cannot have a problem in the now, in this moment.
Learn to accept only what is now, all else is false and is simply the thoughts in your head.
Remember the other people who tease and bully you? The pain they cause is actually your ego attaching itself to them in a negative way.
The lover who jilted you? That was her ego, in pain, hurting you both.
As you learn to live unattached, you will learn to experience the real love that had no opposite, no painful end. You will fill with this love and become much more attractive to the whole world around you as you fulfill you destiny upholding the light that illuminates the universe.

This is not magic.
This is not science.
This is not religion.
This is enlightenment.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)


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Zuckerguss 5/8/2012 - 1:19 am

You just made me think of the moment before death.

All the suffering and distress could all be gone in a moment.

the Guardian 5/8/2012 - 8:16 am

All of your life is that single moment.
Our perception of time is complete illusion.
There is no need to die, simply to rid yourself of the pain of your existence.
Your natural state is to live free of this pain, to live in the here and now.


schmatto 5/8/2012 - 8:33 am

Man, I’ve had bouts of depression on & off for 40 years. People have had depression on this Earth going way back in time. Somehow we evolved to have this as part of our makeup.
I think you are severely misleading people here by saying ‘You can actually turn off your suffering, and continue living in peace.’ Even Buddha said that Life is Suffering, before Enlightenment, chop wood, cart water, after Enlightenment, chop wood, cart water,etc. I’m not religious but tend to side with him. Shit, you could be in bliss but you still ‘suffer’ when you wake in the middle of the night & have to pee!!!
And what will happen to the poor folk who believe what you’re saying and it doesnt come true? Won’t they then fall deeper into depression? People are in a desperate state on here & I think it’s irresponsible to offer some pipe dream. Yes, people can reduce their suffering or the impact of their suffering but to lead people to believe they can eliminate suffering from their life is plain wrong.
You say you’re a Guardian, a Mentor, [and YOURE lecturing about the EGO?!?!?] but then you say you’re going to nick off soon, so who will your ‘followers’ follow then?
To me, most of your post is goobledygook, people here are in a desperate state & they need concrete help man. Yes, meditation & calming the mind can help some people with depression but SO MANY people try to convince you SPIRITUALITY & only that is the answer. Fact is that the same percentage of both atheists & highly spiritual people get depressed.
Sorry but I think you should consider taking your messages to some other forum, I feel its dangerous to mislead people here.

inf1n1 5/8/2012 - 8:26 pm

<3 namaste

the Guardian 5/8/2012 - 11:15 pm

Thank you for replying,

It is as I stated: what does it matter what we believe? Is it true for you? Would you make the choice?
This is the important question.

I believe you of course.
I believe that it will not come true for you in the future and it remains exactly that, a pipe dream.
My point, of course, is that it cannot come true in the future.

I also believe that my post reads like goblygook to your mind and I apologize if I could not be more clear.

No I did not mean to imply that I am suicidal, I will post a few more times and leave.
I am free from suicidal ideation and depression and my intention is to educate and illuminate, many enjoy my posts.

I do not see myself as a savior with followers.

Of the several hundred suicidal lives I have seen transformed first hand I have been honoured to have been witness to their incredible personal strength as they saved themselves.

I actually am the Guardian

I wish you all the best luck on your healing path!

jcurrenm18 5/9/2012 - 12:18 am

I have no luck along this path god has taken that from me.

Dawg 6/2/2012 - 1:48 pm


So many things in our minds have been put on autopilot that we don’t even realize anymore how and why we process any one piece of information … it’s easy to consume something … what can be much harder, after years of mindless automated consumption, is the re-learn how to touch, taste, feel, and smell that which we are consuming

We “learned” how to do this long ago and never gave it a 2nd thought since … but now, years later, it can be very beneficial to go over the process and rethink the how and why’s of the whole thing using our updated experiences and knowledge

build a better mousetrap dawg

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