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May 31st, 2012by hailey_baby

well i guess ill start with my story since some of yall on here are new and i havent posted in awhile. when i was little the one man in my life who was supposed to be there for me left { my dad } and told my mom he hoped i died and was born with aids luckly i wasnt i was just born sick then my mom got with another man who i grew to love and called dad they broke up but i still went to his house with my new half sister everyweekend { to keep you unconfussed later i have an older sister and a little one} untill the new girl he got didnt like me so he said for me not to come around any more after this i had an abussive boyfriend i soon lost hope id ever be good enough for any man so i gave up on everything in life evn the things i like most my older sister had a baby girl named hailey when i was 14 she wasnt ready 4o be a mom and i took care of hailey everyday after school and everyweekend i loved it to but one day i got ready to end it all but my niece started runnin down the hall toward my room qnd i stoped i relized in my life i did have one good thing 🙂 then i met my amazin fiance that i have now.. but he has a pretty interesting story hisself by lookin at him you wouldnt know it but he was severly depressed he hated talkin to anyone he would take pills just to get away from everything he had on his mind he cut which he regrets everytime he looks at both of our arms his dad was abussive to him his mom and his older brother while he was drunk he had to go a year without a his dad and his mom strugglin to make ends meet every month but after his dad stoped drinkin he came back his closet uncle died the night his parents actually let him spend the night with him his mom got very sick luckly shes gettin better he went threw life thinkin there was no point he tried to kill hisself but had a feelin god kept him here for a reason he watched his dad and mom fight over there trust issues his brother left to go live with his girlfriend 2 hours away he feltt all alone in this world then we found each other we opened up a lot and helped each other threw a lot i had an eatin disorder and self esteem issues i still gotta work on the self esteem but my eatin disorder is a lot better now and im healthy hope this engourages someone:)

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