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im hurt.

by Whateverbell

i havent wrote here in a while, things been going great for a long time, and graduation is saturday. but today, somebody made me ready for death. Somebody wanted to make me kill myself today, like no other. Somebody bullied me like i’ve never been bullied before. She humilated me. She took a picture of my hair and said “your hair should not look like this” and posted it on twitter. i have never been so hurt in my life, i’ve been called ugly, and all sorts of names, but this is just horrible. Saturday after graduation, im killing myself.


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darkwillow 6/14/2012 - 9:59 pm

Fuck her. She’s not worth it. Dont let this get to you, you’re better than that. It’s been good for the past few weeks, are you going to let this one things change that? Are you going to let her stop you. Keep going, don’t give up. You’ve been doing so well lately, don’t stop now. Don’t give up.

Hedabuvh20 6/14/2012 - 10:03 pm

please don’t

EVILBRITBRAT 6/14/2012 - 10:27 pm

I am not one to sit and judge and I do understand the pain you are feeling BUT I can’t ignore this post! I am a hypocrite because I let a guy do this to me BUT don’t you ever let some ignorant stupid pityful ***** get to you like that! PLEASE! I mean she is obviously not happy with herself if she feels the need to get pleasure in bullying someone! PLUSSS your graduating soon, you wont have to deal with those pathetic highschoolers anymore! There are a million reasons to want to end your life and they are all valid but please don’t let one lame ass female take away your happiness that you have obviously worked sooo hard to obtain! If I were you, I would post right back and tell her shes obviously insecure if she has to try to bully somebody just to make herself look/feel better! your better than that dumb ****! infact I would just love for you to give me her twitter because I will rip into that ***** so hard she wont know what hit her!
Congratulations on your graduation I really hope you reconsider.
I’m always available to talk and trust me I have had my share of humiliations, so email me if you like:
facebook: brittany dutra,
im the white girl holding a white cat.

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