my life is hell!

  June 12th, 2012 by vishalvikas

there is a time when you cannot tell if you need a uplift in life from somebody else, or you should just end it. I have had many such times in my life when i had the feeling that there was nothing that could be done now except suicide, but there always was a helping hand – friend or relative who stood by me and told me not to do it. but this time it is completely different, i have no way to tell if i should do it or not. and the thing is such that i think that my head spuns each time i think about it. and i truly think my life sucks but there is no way i can be sure. i have been expelled from college (voilence, they say) but i dont think i did wrong. and now i think life as i knew is over and i will get over it now, i will do it this time. 🙁

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