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who am i?

by youwouldntrealise

I am 15 years old & i have always been known as the happy friend (in my group of 14 friends.)

This past year everything has stopped being good. Life has been pretty shit since, and the worst happened back in september… my mum and dad split up. Dads foond someone new and my mum is attempting to move on after the worse depression i have ever seen her in:/

Its hard for me because i was ‘daddies little girl’. But he has a new family now and i see him once or twice a week if im lucky… i hate not seeing him everyday.

Also to make things better, i fell in love. And the boy who i trusted so much decided to leave me because i wouldnt give him what he wanted. Heart break was hard, but i didnt seem to get effected that much…

So all of this plus, weight issues, self confidence issues and exam stress.

Oh the joys of being a teenager.

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ifonlyallofyouknew 6/22/2012 - 3:57 pm

Oh my, its like you cpuld be my twin or something.. Ive been through EXACTLY the same thing just at different times in my life.. If you need a friend to talk to, ill gladly be there.. Do u have a kik? If not you can email me at turdieandgurdie@yahoo.com

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