*****, i hate you.

July 31st, 2012by fakingit

why why why why why why why WHY FUCKING WHY!? are you so mean. i asked u for my mascara back..so u chuck out your door and it hits me right in the eye. it hurt seriously like fuck. u look at me and say “aww is poor baby ganna cry? what a loser” then u grab a belt and beat me with it. “hahahaha now u can cry over that” which i was. “yay yay! your in pain. this is my favorite day ever!” my mom: yeah she’s just watching all this and laughing. oh oh oh..and u pushed me into the wall and hit me over and over again. why cant u just be nice. i have enough to hell to deal with cuz of stupid parents. but dont worry they love u. ***** u will always make life miserable for me, so *****..i HATE u.

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