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has this happend to anyone else?

by sabrina_96

Domestic relations picked up my dad today, he hasn’t payed child support in 6 months. I love my dad even though he picked drugs over me and my family. Now he’s supposedly “clean” I don’t believe it but whatever. My mom hates my dad. The bench warrant guy told my mom if he doesn’t pay child support by august 1st he will have to see the judge. I hope this happens, he will be put in jail. Right now in Pennsylvania he has seven warrants for his arrest. he would be so much safer in jail then out here. If he gets put away it will take so much off my mind. He has been homeless for a while renting rooms, never has health insurance. He needs to go instead of hiding or running from it. He doesn’t realize the effect it will have in the long run.


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sowhat 7/27/2012 - 5:48 pm

sadly we cannot chose our parents or the life they want to give us… I used to live in Vancouver and whenever I saw a homeless person I felt always so bad and I used to wonder how did they end up being like that.
I have a older sister… she chose drugs over everything, she screwed up so bad that she was a homeless person for a while and then she had 2 kids and she abandoned them for drugs. My nice was born with brain damage because of the drugs she did… pretty sad.

I used to hate her so much, I used to wish she was death, she tried to kill herself many times, last one she almost did it.

Now I’m here, I used to have the perfect life and I lost everything including my mind… now I understand the homeless and I understand my sister… I never have done drugs and I will never do, but honestly I really want to take something to help me to make it thru the day, and at night I wish with all my soul I had pills to put me to sleep.

Guess when someone has issues and uses drugs the result is always messy, I think that after too much pain and struggle you forget how it feels like to be a human being, something in your head breaks and you start falling down spiral, non stop… I used to be really strong and smart, 4 months ago I stared to falling down. Nothing helps, I spend days without talk or go out, pulling my hair and crying all time…

Not trying to justify your dad, not at all!! but there is not point on hate him or to wish he could understand. Your dad doesn’t think like a normal person would…
Hope you will stay away from him and try to put all this behind, you have a good life waiting for you 🙂

sabrina_96 7/27/2012 - 7:37 pm

thank you, i think that all the time. if i stay away he will get better but i dont want to lose him for good.

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