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Lonesome sometimes (final)

by redisblue101

But, sometimes her memory can get to me. Like her artwork hanging up in one of our similar classes, or seeing her eat quietly to herself during lunch hour. Brings up the painful memories of our happy times together. And this makes me lonesome sometimes. I am happy don’t get me wrong, but I just feel that hole that she created in me when I think about it. My story often reminds me of the song “Yesterday” by my most favorite band The Beatles. And sometimes when I listen to it, the memories of it all come flooding back to me.

I’ve shared my story before on a different website (Yahoo Answers, which is known not to be as kind to adolescent problems.) But I never felt closure to this chapter in my life soon after I posted it there. But I’m glad I got to share this story with you all. And maybe someone out there whose going through or has gone through this sort of circumstance can find comfort that I’ve been there too.

Now when I see my friend,her mother, or father. I now look at them as I would a stranger. Kind yet cautious.(not to say I’ll be put off by anyone one one here.) but that now..I’ve moved on, and I’m a much stronger and confident person than I was back then. I can now thank my friend for all those wonderful times I spent with her, and the tears we shared together. And I also thank her for making me who I am today.

And maybe one day I will give her this to read so I can finally tell her goodbye. And that I’ve forgiven her for what happened (even though she believes she has done nothing wrong…give me a break…) And that I can finally tell her goodbye And that she’s nothing more of a memory to me now. (enough already)

So I say to you all that have been reading my soon to be forgotten story..Thank you. And that I hope all who read this will find comfort in this chapter of my life, and can make the blow of one who got away, was lost or misplaced feel alot more easy to take. Thank you so much


Abby. H




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kthxbai2u 7/28/2012 - 11:57 pm

I know what you mean about Y! answers… I see it all over the internet, usually after I post something…

Silentblue 7/29/2012 - 12:41 am

I should have known, there was a “final” – I said a lot before, but i will add this, I hate things if they felt good becoming only a memory, maybe my issues of not dealing with lost… who knows.

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