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I don’t know anymore

by AW92

Well I’m struggiling to find motivation again, for anything.
I’ve missed two tafe days simply because I cannot be fuckEd going or doing anything I hate sitting infront of computers so I do not want to get involved with that industry.
I think I might ring and tell them I’m out and I’ll still get most of my money back, but we will see.

Hm you know the last boy I was talking about in my last post, well hes bullying me now, apparantly whenever my back is turned “everyone laughs” at me and teases me and that’s okay but I can’t be fucked with these people anymore, it’s been crossing my mind a lot lately… And it’s becoming such a good idea.
I did gear on the weekend, I don’t think I’ll do it again…
It’s horrible.
Uh I just want to move away or disapear for ever, I think I’ll get another job so I can move away to England or something beginning of next year.

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