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I wish…

by grimlynotperfect

I wish i could show what i really am feeling ,unstead of a fake smile always on my face..
I wish i had the nerve to go up to him all these years to tell him that i liked him..
I wish i could help the family ..and stop being the one who is always the odd one out..
I wish i could pass this year..but work keeps pileing up..
I wish we could get a place and not live in this shelter..
I wish that a guy would like me my age unstead of 5 years younger then me and a show off with his so called doing drugs..
I wish i could stop hurting people and i could be enough..
I wish i had a freind that could read my emotions..
I wish that this school year would end..this head will stop hurting..and i could be invisible to negative things and thoughts..
I wish i had a boyfreind..that i wasnt alone
I wish that my sister is not the first one to know my secret and yelled it to the whole shelter..
I wish i was not misunderstood..i could really smile..and behind those jokes arnt tears..
I wish that im not always the one being kind to everyone and had a chanc to be sad..
I wish i could be alone..
I wish i could not stress..
I wish i loved this life..
Oh i wish i did…

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