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Little more about myself

by TheUglyOne

Well it wasn’t until about a couple months ago that I found  out I had Asperger’s autism. In some ways it doesn’t bother me, in fact I like knowing so I can get help but on the other hand now that I know that changes some ways I see life. I was told that I might never be able to drive a car because of my lack of a sense of direction. Now I have always been afraid of the idea of me driving. To many risks. I know now that I can relearn things but even with years of therapy and being included in many social gathers I still would never fully know about how to interact. My IQ is 112 which is good but it’s not like I am ultra smart like other people who have it.  I consider myself to be more book smart then sense smart. The new medicine I have been taking makes me feel dizzy and lightheaded at times but that is just a price to pay at times. I like  dark story books. The ones like Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite movie is all the Rocky movies.  Can’t pick just one with that movie series. I like Christian Rock. It’s great stuff. Thousand Foot Krunch  would be my favorite band since every song I have heard from them has been great. I’m not really tall but maybe I will grow into my dads height. I’m 5’10 and I’m fat at 245 pounds but I’m hoping to lose the pounds in the next few months. I start my diet and workout today. I want to say I’m sorry if I say anything that is offensive. I tend to have moments when I get so mad and upset that I can’t stop myself at all.


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one_day 8/22/2012 - 7:17 am

If it’s any consolation plenty of people without asbergers have no sense of direction. And I never learned how to drive either, just seemed like too much responsibility. And IQs don’t mean anything – my whole family have high IQs and I think they’re all kinda crazy. Anyway, don’t let the diagnosis get you down. It’s good to know your limitations, but in the end it’s just another label really, it doesn’t define you.

butterflyfly 8/22/2012 - 11:27 am

The ugly one–

I apologize for jumping down your throat about the retarded comment. I get really defensive because of my cousin. I did not know your back story so I feel like a ***** now. I understand that aspbergers is difficult to deal with and now what you said makes more sense. I should have asked you more questions before attacking you. I work at a school that has kids with disabilities and know of least 2 children who also have autism i think there’s is possibly more severe then yours but I am familiar with the challenge it can be.

That being said im sorry you are going through this and that you are hurting I totally agree with one_day do not let this label define you. You come across as very intelligent, kind, and strong. When you are young and in school you dont want to be different then anyone. But I feel like you could do great things with your life…and I hope you decide to continue your journey through life. You are already stronger then your peers because you are already dealing with something difficult life has thrown at you at such a young age. You are ahead of the game…when they are falling apart because of there first real life struggle you will be striving through.


TheUglyOne 8/22/2012 - 11:49 pm

You had every right to call me out. I was being stupid and unconsidering of my words. I get mad at things and I always feel so sorry after I do something about it. I completely understand about being protective of your cousin. Family is family no matter what. I don’t know those 2 children but I hope well for them. It is a struggle no matter what kind of autism you got. Don’t feel like a ***** because you were protecting your family. You sound very nice,protective and an inspiration to many people. I agree it’s just a label it’s just one of those labels that you just want to peel off but you can’t. I can see you becoming the type of person who could protect many people from being took advantage of. I wish you the best and don’t be to hard on yourself.


lovehatesuicide18 8/23/2012 - 6:03 pm

Totally random, but there’s this really good Christian rock band called Skillet, if you haven’t heard of them you should definitly check them out 🙂

TheUglyOne 8/24/2012 - 4:29 pm

I love them!!! They are awesome

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