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by TarotXIII

For those who might care.I’m finaly done installing myself into what is gonna be my new home for at least 3 years(unless I off myself).I am now all alone in the city of Sudbury in Ontario.The isolation is crushing.I wandered this new house for about an hour because I had no idea how I should pass my time.This week of bliss where I was to busy to think is done and I’m struggling to occupy my mind.

In about a week my college studies are gonna start.I wonder if everyone is gonna be shit like where I lived or if I’m actualy going to meet some decent people.Right now I have to find 2 roomates and it’s a torture.That’s social anxiety for you…

Like I said in a previous post,I’ll give myself a month or two to see if moving in ontario is really going to mke my life a bit better.If not then I’ll seriously start thinking about my exit.


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kyuketsuki 8/27/2012 - 8:42 am

Hey! Ontario! That’s a good drive from where I am, but I’m a half hour away from Toledo! Sweet…
Anyways, I wish you luck in finding your room mates and I share in your hope that you’ll like it up there. Don’t let the study pressure get to your head. Homework and everything in college can be a *****.

TarotXIII 8/27/2012 - 10:05 pm

thanks for the quick cheer.Ontario is a long ride away from where I lived too.
FYI I already found one roomate who is going to stay until november.I’m so nervous about living with people I don’t know it’s starting to get ridiculous.I was supposed to call her to make arrangement and I ended up tacking the cellphone and puting it back down several time.

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