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by youwouldntrealise

so much has happened since my last post.
boyfriend, new school year, counselling, self harm + movement.

School stresses me out as its the last year of my GCSE’s 🙁
and my self harm hasnt cut down, or increased… maybe a little bit.

Everyone tries and helps me, like the ones who are most close. WHY CANT THEY STOP ME? i make promises and i just break them, making me feel even more shit about everything, i bring it all on myself so i dont know why i am like this

I started counselling start of July ever since my parents found out about my self harm, it hasnt helped me one bit. Basically because i havent stopped cutting and i dont feel any better, so we are getting professional help (i think) – basically someone who knows about self harm and will try and stop me i guess.

that doesnt seem realistic right at this moment.

pray for me please…

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