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Everyone has a different story

by Jemma

Reading through the posts, its amazing how different all our stories are.

We have somethings in common – that feeling of not being able to carry on, hating our lives, hating our past, not feeling like we have a future.

How many of you have read anothers story and thought either:

Thats far worse than my life,


thats not so bad?

It something to think about – if we put ourselves in other peoples lives how would we feel then, worse or better than we do now.

If one can get one spirits up just a little – its really important.

Having severe PTSD (post traumatic stress), having a nervous breakdown, being clinically depressed make life absolutely feel its unable to go on.

But really being depressed or broken down or defeated is a feeling that totally sux!!

If there is anyway to feel better – its really important.

Suicide and suicidal thoughts make one feel worse. I don’t think suicide is sucessful in a painless way that we want. There are so many failure stories that people end up far far worse after trying.


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superb 9/10/2012 - 11:49 am

i did, and when i read, i saw some stories about ppl that had a worse life than me, i even felt bad,cause i couldn’t even imagine how their lifes where(being worse than mine), but at the end, i cant help to hate my life, no matter how hard others have theirs, i can barely cop up with mine and its getting worse day by day.

Jemma 9/10/2012 - 12:04 pm

Its true but its important to find out what skills people have to deal with lives more difficult than our own.

Suicide rarely works and even if it does most say one will suffer eternally (which is worse) or you come back at the bottom and have to work you way up again…

Attempted suicide very often ends up with people in a far worse position.

So we really need to look at finding skills at living better than what we are.

Our minds are very strong, we need to re programme them on a daily basis originally but it will get better?

Very often tough times do go away, people do survive adversity. We do recover from bad things if we allow ourselves etc.

We have to allow ourselves that, instead of torturing ourselves.

We constantly torture ourselves with our thoughts.

Its one thing when outside influence brings us down but often what we do to ourselves is worst.

We need to be good to ourselves.

Realising and accepting that others live in far worse conditions and situations and still can smile and carry on – means we can do it too?

Scar504 9/10/2012 - 12:47 pm

People in Africa eat pies made out of clay and salt in lieu of substantive nutrition. People spend every day working in gold mines carrying heavy rocks in 100+ degree weather for the possibility of finding enough gold crumbs to trade for a loaf of bread that their family of 3 can share together and live for another day. People in North Korea…. the list goes on.

I have no idea how any of the people in this world manage to live in spite of the hardship they face, but knowing that others are worse off than me definitely motivates me to try and find a way to continue living.

earwaxyness 9/10/2012 - 2:43 pm

Ok so not to promote suicide or anything but my attempt (that landed me in critical care and would have worked) did not hurt, did not leave me worse off for living except the social and economic aspects but nothing permanent physically, and was not bad at all to do. Just a thought I had as I was reading your post. I don’t believe people anymore who say that it will hurt or will leave me relying on others for the rest of my life, etc.

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