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by Angel

i feel so stuck in this life, school, work, homework, boredom. my “friends” never have time to hang out so the only interaction i get is with my boyfriend and fake friends who only use me for my cigarettes or money. i yearn for an adventurous life but it just seems impossible. i have no major in college because none of them interest me and i can no longer imagine a future for myself. i have terrible social skills so making new friends is next to out of the question.. i see other people laughing and having a good time and my envy enrages me, why cant my life be like theirs? why cant i be as skinny as when i starved myself? i dont want this life anymore but im stuck with it because i am a coward.


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Black Swan 9/20/2012 - 10:52 pm

I lived a very adventurous life and after the all excitement now I’ve landed nowhere. You have a boyfriend. Hang on to that. I’d give anything not to be lonely. I hope you feel better soon. Just like you, I’m a coward that’s stuck here too. A real nightmare!

Angel 9/30/2012 - 10:25 pm

thank you. i hope you feel better too. i envy you for at least having those memories to look back on.

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