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i just want someone to see this and let it sink in.

by stinamaria

my favorite band motion city soundtrack has lyrics that everyone should consider;

“they say what doesnt kill us

as much as we can all look at our ‘struggles’ and ‘disorders’ as something that defines us, dont let it. dont BE your disorder. dont let it ruin or run your life, from depression panic disorder, bipolar, ED, whatever. youre lettinng whatever created that disorder in the first place make you.

i know how hard it is, to make a conscience effort to just BE YOU everyday with the struggles of school, work, kids, significant others, family and the fucking economyy on top of it.
it sucks.
no other words to describe it.
dont be a martyr for anything but yourself. dont let others validation be what keeps you breathing everyday. trust; in ten years, the douchebags who make your life a living hell aree the ones you’re going to see in walmart overweight in flip flops and stretch pants with 5 kids and 5 baby daddies. [i could go on for days. i know right NOW it doesnt seem this way. but ive seen it so often where the ones who were hotshit in school are NO BODY. i wouldnt fuck them if my life depended onn it but i recall when at one poitn every wanted them. the ones who called you losers end up being the losers in the long run of lilfe. sadly life is nothing but a gigantic social status race. after awhile social status doesnt mean a damn thing. and to the ones who it does its bc their personality is shit and no one wants to be with them anyway]
i have no idea where i was going with this. im just so fucking tired of seeing beautiful young people wanting to off themselves nine times outta ten bc of the actionis of others driving them there. life is cruel, and people are crueler.
but good god. i wish everyone knew how it does get better.
[for those whos wounds are deeper than remarks from peers….its harder i know…suffering from the hands of those who you love n trust… theres no where on this planet you can hide to excape from your own head and the horrific memories… my only advice is to weed out the bullsiht. until you get the bad out your life you wont be happy. i went from 80lbs to 115 in 4 months simply by getting my own parents out of my life bc….as much as you might love soemone, the stress and anxiety in the end will kill you unless you sever those ties. not nessicerily forever, i hve a 3 yr old who i hurt for not knowing her grandparents. but to save her from what i went through is the decision a mother has tomake for her child.]
love everyone. show respect. show courage. show coompassion. show empathy. foreveryone. you never know onne day your words might be the ones who deeply help someone…. be that light in someones life that you want in yours. much love to everyone…take care of yourselves. sometimes our SELF and feeding it healthily, talking to ourselves is the best thinng we can do. take time to get to know YOU….


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Shiann 10/14/2012 - 8:32 pm

I want to try this I want to get away from my parents I want to try being happy too.

stinamaria 10/15/2012 - 11:24 am

you’ll be amazed at the results it will produce. its hard at first, but the worry of trying to please them all the time…the bullshit you hear, the sick feelings in your stomach when you see them onn your caller id…sometimes its the ones closest to us who do the most harm. and its subconcious and we dont even realizei it.

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