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Mental anguish

by HatefulD

Why bother, I do nothing correct. Everything I ever care about destroys my insides. Try as I might, but I cannot conquer. My life is an infinite loop of chaos and disease, and I am the problem. There may be many solutions, but only one outcome I can foresee. To those who care, I am sorry. The time may be near, since the path of self-destruction is imminent. My heart pounds with self-hatred, and the loathing of my existence. Decisions will be made, actions will be taken. And none of this will ever be shared with you. For you, I truly love and never want to hurt. You, captured my heart, the moment our eyes met.

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ChildOfAbadon 10/11/2012 - 11:08 pm

Does that person know how they effect your life?

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