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Nothing is changing.

by AW92

No matter what I do, or how many resumes I send off or hand out I get nothing back.
I had one interview since I quit my last job two months ago, the lady pretty munched offered me a job during the interview! But of course she wanted to talk to my refereences ha ah ha, fuck.
It was only on Friday though so hopefully she calls by the end of this week.
I don’t know what else I can do.
I’m hopeless and unemployable because I have no skills or talents.
I mean, I could loose weight and try to do boy magazines but I still need money to buy the diet stuff.

I could always try the defense force again, I have missed two interviews before though so I don’t look very trustworthy or reliable also, I’m 20 in December, you sign up to contracts for 4-6 years, and to be honest I haven’t done anything in my life to make it exiting so far, so I feel like I would be giving my life up completely, I would come out in freedom when I’m 25… How lovely.

I met a boy, I really like him, but he’s leaving for the navy in February 2013.
I get so sad thinking about it even now. Everyone I care about leaves. That’s why I try to distant myself and destroy relationships before they usually have a chance to progress to more.

I don’t kno why I keep doiing this to myself, it’s like I want myself to be hurt and fail at anything I try, I never finish anything, I’m not a social type, if I’m in a bar eveyone will be talking and laughing, and all I’ll do is look and listen, I enjoy that.
No one really notices you either. You learn a lot about people’s who forget you’re there.

I don’t really have anyone to talk about much to either, I tried to talk to my friend about this boy leaving in February and she just ignored it and talked about her and how her boyfriend is, and how she wants to breakl up and then she went to his house tonight at 11 expecting to find a girl in his bed and then she was crying and he was laughing? Luke honestly fuck. I don’t care. If you can’t see you’re in a shit relationship you’re the idiot and i don’t care.
Then I tell people what they don’t want to hear and I’m the negative person for telling the truth, so they ignore me until they want me to drive them somewhere.

I don’t know what the fuck I’m supposed to fucking do anymore.


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Scar504 10/1/2012 - 1:29 pm

Getting a job is like winning the lottery these days, only the prize is a just enough to support you. I’ve been looking for years and never found a job, whereas most people i know seem to get a job every time they have an interview. Just keep trying; once you get a stable life going you can worry about all the other stuff.

AW92 10/1/2012 - 1:34 pm

In Australia, it’s even worse than most places.
Nothing comes up at all.
I have no money, nothing, just friends who get angry when I can’t come out, then I get told in selfish and guilt tripped so I have to over draw my account and get into dept.

Horrayyy for me.

truthbetold 10/1/2012 - 1:47 pm

“I’m hopeless and unemployable because I have no skills or talents.”

you could be giving off a “you guys don’t need me anyway” impression ..
imo you have no choice but to rewrite this belief (to your advantage) and eventually something may happen

truthbetold 10/1/2012 - 2:14 pm

allow me to elaborate

beliefs/opinions you have of yourself aren’t working in your favor (I have no skills, I’m not needed etc)

imagine a world where you attract for the most people or situations that will confirm what you already think of yourself .. to improve your life, you’d have no choice but to entertain a better opinion of yourself

be BOLD, DARE to perceive yourself as an ASSET, someone who’s needed .. when negative beliefs start invading your mind, BLOCK them and replace them with more desired ones .. eventually, things may start to improve around you

lordlost 10/1/2012 - 5:20 pm

If you can’t find a job think about joining a voluntary organisation, the commitment they require us entirely up to you and they make you feel really good about yourself. Plus they are great for references, I got a part time job almost entirely on a reference I got from a friend at St John Ambulance.

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