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Family Life (Warning: Explicit)

by JustTooLate

“Son come over here
Daddy’s here you hear?”
“Daddy dont come near”
“Son there’s nothin to fear”
“Daddy, just not in my rear”
“Please son, don’t be queer
Imma let your mother steer
If it’s okay with you dear,
Imma crush this boy with the sheer
Fucking size of my spear”
Now it’s all crystal clear

So they locked him away
Ain’t seen him to this day
They ask but I refuse to say
A goddamn word to that fucking gay
There’s no fucking way
That even for a moment I’d stay
Anywhere near him, okay!?

He deserves to rot in the penitentiary
For the next half a century
Cuz that fucker practiced lechery
On his own son
That’s fucking treachery
So now I’m done

And Mom, what the fuck *****
You knew the whole time
You should be with Daddy-Dearest
Doing hardcore time
But who in their right mind
Will believe this fairytale of mine
It’s the shadiest kind
With the shittiest plot line

And it can be hard to follow
So I just buckle down and swallow
My feelings
Become hollow
Stare at ceilings
Nobody can see me wallow

Walk around with my mask
So nobody has to ask
“Nick, why do you look so sad?”
“Oh, just some problems with my Dad”
That’s a conversation I’d rather not have

But life gives us all obstacles
It aint all blowjobs and popsicles
Everyone has shit to overcome
My problems are just over cum

Forgive my offensive language
Im just trying to get over my anguish
And its hard to censor
When my Dad used my anus
As a cum dispenser

But please don’t get me wrong
I talk about it lightly now
But thats only cuz I’m strong
Like Manny Pacquiao
I still look at suicide as my way out
But lately I’ve been tryin not to pout

Cuz I’m not alone in my situation
Lots of people all over the nation
Have been patiently waitin
To get revenge on these rapists
And maybe videotape it

While they kill em all
Watch em fall
Right on the floor
So they won’t feel sad no more

But me, I’m just tired
After what transpired
Im uninspired
Not desired or admired

Nothing gets me up in the morning
This is the last fucking warning
Before yall will be mourning
My body adorning
The cemetery yard
Cuz I’m still fucking scarred

This is my cry for assistance
‘Fore I go down the path of least resistance
And use this fucking knife
Not on my Dad or his wife
But on me
Dont you see!?
Welcome to my family life


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sandsrunlow4 11/30/2012 - 1:00 am

Fuck them and the flashbacks.. don’t let someone else control you like that. No one other than you should have control over your emotions :/

JustTooLate 11/30/2012 - 1:08 am

Its just a difficult situation…

sandsrunlow4 11/30/2012 - 1:17 am

I know what you mean.. My dad has physically abused me my entire life and my older brother used to sexually molest me. I still live with both of them. My mom doesn’t help any either and she knows. Half the time I can’t even sleep (like now) cuz I can still feel it.. But you have to stay strong. Don’t die please. You’ll get out of there some day, I will too. I’m already counting down the days on my calendar. Just hang in there :/

JustTooLate 11/30/2012 - 1:22 am

Thank you. Im sorry to hear about your dad and brother. It just seems like ive been waiting for things to get better for too long. And like I saidd nobody believes my mom knew so im stuck with her…

sandsrunlow4 11/30/2012 - 1:31 am

Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel like I’ve been waiting and being optimistic, but things just keep happening and getting worse and worse every time. But living in our situations, we don’t see that there are so many different options for us out there. Like I’m getting in contact with the program called the Bridge program. It’s for youth who runaway from home and have troubled lives. They can legally remove you from any situation that you find uncomfortable or threatening and they bring you to a safe place for awhile until they arrange a better living arrangement for you. I’m not sure if you need that still, but it’s helpful to know. Doing research like that keeps me calm. But what I’m saying is, our suffering has given us a bleak, boxed up outlook on life when in reality, there’s so much more that we literally just cannot see. So we have to try to get past this and see the beauty in life because once we see the beauty in life and feel true happiness, then we will finally feel at peace with ourselves. It’ll come one day, and it sounds like it’s worth the wait.

JustTooLate 11/30/2012 - 1:40 am

Its very hard to think about good things like that. Im a pessimistic kinda guy. So that definitely doesn’t help the situation… idk I would love to be at peace in life but I think my peace will only come in death. Because thats when I wont think about or remember what has happened.

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