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I want out

by AndreDA

I want out, I want out, I WANT OUT! I’m so tired. I can hardly breathe it hurts so much. I don’t want to die, but I can’t live in this fucked up world and I’m so alone! If there is no God then it’s all meaningless, if there is a God I HATE HIM because he is so cruel. I just don’t want to exist. I want out. I can’t kill myself now, it’s too hard. Fuck i just don’t know what to do, I just write to make myself feel better maybe.

I want out.


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Tokey 11/27/2012 - 5:01 pm

^^ Ditto 🙂

HarryJP 11/27/2012 - 5:19 pm

same here

silencer22 11/27/2012 - 6:12 pm

I do too… I wish finding a way out was so much easier. :/

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