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Just wanted to share this

by Arisu


I’m not sure if linking is allowed, but this comic made me tear up. Even though I have thought about suicide several times, and though I can’t say there would be many people who would miss me if I do go–every time I think of how doing so might affect those who knew me, I hold off. I’d rather not hurt people like that.

…instead I just keep beating myself up inside, and that’s never good.

I’m glad I have a forum here to share how I feel, but I need to reach out more to the people around me for help. Just gotta find the right people…


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Yana 11/5/2012 - 8:50 am

Hey, there i dont know if this helps but…
I have been feeling suicidal lately a lot, i keep walking around school like a zombie, i look at people when they insolte others or make “jokes” and it makes me even more depressed cause they dont get how much it can hurt. itÅ› amazeing that i found this site, i feel lonely like nobady gets how i feel every day i feel like im falling into a deeper hole of darkness. One day i took a knife i just coudÅ„t anymore , i wanted it all to end, then i thought how my parents and friends would feel and i got angry, i cant even die peacefully i thought to my self. But then i remeberd how once my brother almoust died-hes heart stopped and his back spine was broken in many places-itÅ› a miracle his alive, (i´m verry colse to my brother) i remeberd how i felt when they told me my brither had fell down the balckony and is in hospital-i prayed for him i even thought (i dont bealive in god -sorry.) i would give everything if he would stay alive everything. Then i relized suicide isint the answer ,and even now i have dark days, but it gives me strenght when i see him being alive-i could never hurt him, and im really happy you havent done anything , im happy your alive- you should be proud that you havent given in 🙂 stay strong and have a long happy life 🙂

IamTetsuo 11/5/2012 - 9:51 am

Thanks, now I’m leaking too! Really beautiful though.

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