November 30th, 2012by tbird

My Daddy was a great man. He served as an ANZAC corporal when he was younger, he helped failing communities to fix all their problems. Daddy was one who made others laugh and smile, he smiled along with them. This is his story, (IM LEAVING OUT OUR NAMES INCASE SOME ONE DESIDES TO STALK MY FAMILY)

“Daady” i ran outside to Daddy washing his truck “and how is my baby princess? bubba how old are you now?” Daddy dropped the hose and picked me up “im this money!” i held up a $1 coin to say i was 1 “ohh thank you bubba girl, want a doighnut?” Daddy put me down and grabbed a cinnamon doughnut holding it up above my head, i jumped up and bit on it having the delicious cinnamon and sugar coated bite of a dougnut. “Dinner time you two” Mummy walked out to the front yard where we were eating our doughnuts “aww you two stop spoiling your dinner you can have annother after dinner ok?” Mummy laughed and picked me up and put me inside and put me into my highchair. We were always smiling. We were a happy family.

“Mummy wheres Daddy? hes playing hide an sweek but i cant find him!” I tugged on m, not mey Mums shirt “Daddy is very sick honey, hes gone away to get better” Mummy kissed my forehead “can we go see Aunty?” I lookedup at Mummy “sure ill give Aunty a call-” someone pulled up in the driveway “honey cmon lets hide you” Mummy picked me up  and ran down the hall to her room “stay in here untill i come get you ok bubba?” I nodded and hid under the bed. I heard shouting and smashing after 3Minutes of hiding. “Your not seeing her untill your sane again damnit!” i heard Mummy slam the door.

We were driving home from Auntys house, we pulled up in our driveway and Daddys ute was there. “Cmon bubba lets go have some dinner” Mummy got me out of my special seat and carried me inside and put me in my highchair. Mummy went to put her handbag into her room “Ohmyfrogginggod! —-! —- NO NONONONO!”  Mummy screamed from down the hall, i leant back in my highchair and fell onto my beanbag. I crawled out and walked down the hall “Mummy?” I pushed open the door “Mummy why is Daddy sleeping?” i walked over to Mummy and stood on tippy toes to see Daddy “oh baby…” Mummy hugged me so tight. “Daddys going to be asleep for a long time sweetie”  Mummy started crying and picked me up then walked out the door and closed it. “H-hello? yes… this is ——, i live at —– my husband is…” Mummy stopped “maam what has happened to your husband?”  i could hear them through the phone “dead…my husband is dead” when a 1 year old kid hears that you would think of them seeing a dead bird and say aww poor birdie, not me. “DAAAADDY! DADDY NOOO!” i threw a hissy fit screaming out as Mummy tried to calm me down. The police came around and took Daddy away not long after, they looked after me as Mummy went down to their station, “sweetheart did Daddy do anything to you? did he hurt you in anyway?” i wouldnt talk. I didnt talk or smile for two years when i started kindy. Even then i threw hissy fits on Fathers Day. I love you Daddy, im sorry i didnt get to see you before you died, Rest In Peace. Your in a better place now,

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