Why bother

November 30th, 2012by BluDude976

If life has taught me anything, its how pointless everything is. If you aren’t rich in a capitalist society your life will most likely be a nonstop living hell until the day you die and there will be very little you can do to stop it. Some people brainwash themselves with religion, some use drugs and/or alcohol, others distract themselves by any means necessary telling themselves someday life will be worth it but that day never happens. Most people die deeply disappointed by life, those that live long enough to be elderly usually just give up and wait for death (visit an old folks home its beyond depressing). I’ve tried to kill myself multiple times in my life each time being more severe than the last because contrary than what some people think, its not a cry for attention I’m really trying to die I just haven’t always had a successful means of making it happen. I have to take massive amounts of anti depressants for major depression and ptsd. I don’t know if I will kill myself but I do know this if I get cancer I will let it kill me, if anything happens that may result in my death I will not fight against it. I want this life over with, the earlier it happens the better. There is no point in living if you don’t have anything to live for. I have nothing and no one and I am completely alone and poor so why should I fight for something I just don’t want.

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