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God saves people for a ”purpose”.Yeah Sure!

by Specialed

When I was 7 y.o.,I am 45 now,a deer in a full sprint almost ran me over during a walk I took along a path during a family reunion in a Pennsylvania park.I could feel the course hair rub up against my stomach.So close to death,but not near enough so that I would of had the “eternal bliss’ that would of been  given me.When  I was an evangelical christian ,I thought that God had a special purpose for my life because of this incident.What a foolish thing to believe on my part.I wish that I was 2 more inches ahead so that deer would of wasted me .

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booya 12/3/2012 - 11:39 pm

Well, it doesn’t seem like you think god saved you. It would be a really hard thing to know fact. I don’t really believe there is a purpose to anything. It sounds like you are really lucky though. I almost drowned when I was 4. I fell into a canal. I truly believed that god saved me. Now days when I think about that, I think of the kids that don’t make it through things like that. I have to conclude that if god saved me than he has let the others die. I guess your experience is what you take it for. If I sound like a dummy feel free to let me know.

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