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He called my name

I walked away

Now im wishing i would have stayed

We walk around

Both looking at the ground

Scared to catch the other staring

But we both move on with out a sound

Remember the first night we kissed

I hope im not the only one who misses it..

I’m stupid for still loving you

My hopes are childish like i am

1 year younger, worlds apart

Here i sit with a broken heart

You said you wanted to ask me somthing..

Now im wondering what

But i lost my chance to hear it

By my own stubborness

Forgive me

For loving you

More then you could ever love me

Sorry for falling

I guess this wasnt my calling

But when i cant stop thinking about it

Two months later

Cant move on

Stuck in past

Holding onto the last moment with you

I wish i never asked what was wrong

But i knew it was coming

I knew it all along

“i dont feel the same way for you anymore..”

I should have fallen

died right there

but im not that lucky

i smiled

said it was okay

Walked away slowly

As I fell away

I made it to class

Threw my stuff down

Walked out

Tears streaming my cheeks

No one said a word

A few even laughed at me

I stumbled into the bathroom

Falling into the stall

I pull out my razor

With little strength at all

I cut for all the times you said i love you

Yes im one who counts

Bet you didnt know that either

I lay their bleeding

On the bathroom floor

Wishing i were dead

People walked in

They walked out

10 minutes

30 minutes

45 .. no one came

I wanted someone to find me

Tell me it was gonna be okay

But an hour came and i stood up crying

And cleaned the blood from my thighs

I wiped the tears away

Recovered my eyes

Taking away the black circals

From days with out sleeping

My fears tearing my apart

I smiled my best fake smile

And walked into the hall

It was all i could do to make it to class

No one asked

No one cared

I sat down

I took my notes

The bell rang

I walked to my next class

Passing you by

You smiled saying hi

I smiled back

Would you have guessed

There was 172 cuts on my legs?

All from a simple lie

Now im here alone in my room

Wondering what your last words were

But i ignored them

Trying to act strong

Like hell i could move on

I guess i’ll be guessing

While your messing with someone else

I guess i was just another girl

Who you probally wont even remember

Come april.


This is about my x tanner you can read my other post to find out our whole story..


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hogpotter 12/19/2012 - 1:10 am

This is so deep. I love it.

BrooklynBoxx 12/19/2012 - 1:13 am

Thank you . :/

eithaka 12/20/2012 - 12:45 am

Live on…and love more..

Maynard 12/21/2012 - 2:37 pm

My first long term gf did the same to me after 4 years together, it destroyed me and i felt i would never get over it and feel happy again, all those memories… as time passed i eventually moved on although now i can still remember the pain now, but im now happy with my new partner of nearly 4 years and have a baby on the way now. Youl l find a new stronger love that wont break one day soon, chin up and look forward to it.

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