I’m terrified

January 31st, 2013by lost and scared

Please help. I’m at the point in my life I’m just sick of all the shit around me that I cause. I’m constantly an ass hole  to everyone. The only reason my best friend hangs out with me is cause he doesn’t want me to be hurt or pissed off at him. I’m single. I can’t hold a steady relationship. And every time I think about just ending it all is cause i can deal with the stress it would cause to my family. I don’t like being an ass hole and I want it to change so I can be someone who people want …

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this is me…myra…

January 31st, 2013by myranicolee

this is me..


today was another bad day for me at school..

im still being picked on..


rumors are apread about me..

lies are said..

while im keeping everything inside..

nobody knows myy life..

nobodys knows what ive gone thrui

nobody knows how much im keeping inside whle others add more to it..

why me..? im not mean to people…

im not sloppy im not disrespectfulll and i never act like im better…

i am stilll on the edge ..

i have a choice im going to think about..

take acoupple steps forward and fall?

or take acoupple steps back and see what happens…

but ive already tried ot take aocupple …

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January 31st, 2013by ImmortalBae

Like i said before, they don’t care a bit.

think twice about it/. teachers are just there to make $$$$
they dont care about you or what you have to say.
read my last post if you dont understand.

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My Story (New)

January 31st, 2013by diamondsanddirt

As a child growing up, my dad used to hit me and my brother.  Alot. Hard as well. Whenever he got pissed, he would take anything he could find, pipes, sticks, even rulers. Then, he would tie us up and beat us. Sometimes, he would even take us out to a place to leave us there. But in the end, we always forgave him. Cuz he was our dad. After a while, he stopped beating us. But then, my uncle started taking an interest in me. I was 7 when he first molested me. It went on for 5 years. Somewhere in those 5 years, …

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This Girl

January 31st, 2013by Rain

Beautiful…you’d think she’d have no problems.
Yet she found me on facebook…and blast my soul, I almost missed her message because it was in the “other” part of my inbox.
She then told me how she had seen my post on sp and decided to read my others..and that she enjoyed my writing and that, most importantly to me, I was an inspiration to her..to HER..to anyone. She signed her message “Just a stranger passing through”..for she thought it was weird to write me though she didnt know me.

I replied as quickly as I could, letting idiotic words and sentences tumble across my keyboard but I couldnt …

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Lets struggle with eachother

January 31st, 2013by KaylaKat

Life is hateful mean and cruel each day  we feel like screaming  but we stop and know that it doesn’t matter if we do or not because everybody has turn a deaf ear. We feel trapped lost and chain to the habits that run in a never ending circle.

I want to help-help people like me who just want things to be right again. Who wants someone to care, to love them regardless of the past mistakes , who wants to be happy with her/himself , who is so tired of being strong and for once just want to be weak and have someone to pick them up.  I am here to help along with to …

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Suicide seems so convenient.

January 31st, 2013by sono_libero

I have nothing to look forward to.

I have it all planned out.

It would work this time.

I have no friends.

It was confirmed yesterday.

Do you remember several weeks ago when I said that I hadn’t killed myself because I was afraid of disappointing two people?

My art teacher and my track coach.

But I have ruined that now.

And I have disappointed both of them.

Neither of them have any particular interest in me anyways.

I have no idea what to do with my life.

No one to help me.

No one who genuinely cares.

No one who has said that they love me in a long, long time.

It would be so easy.

Easy and …

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January 31st, 2013by pinkheartbroken

Does anyone wonder what is next as in the afterlife because once we step off of this planet we do not know what is next all that we can know is that the life we have always known is over forever.  People will be sad and traumatized but what will we be. I leave next week and build strength daily for my journey but leaving it all is also hard.

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January 31st, 2013by Bella-omy

I won’t stress enough on how I’m trying to get the point across that suicide isn’t a phase. I really need you guys to help me with that. After I am going to post a link to why I am doing. This is important. Please message me with your stories. I know it’s a lot to ask but it’s important to me. I again I really want to get that point a cross. Please help me get people to realize things. If you have friends who can help in my journey, tell them to message me. This is OUR opportunity to open people’s eyes.


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Shit . Really?

January 31st, 2013by RuinedDreams

Oh . my. fucking. god.
Long story short, I had a father who abused my mother, i would protect her causing me to get beat instead of her which was totally fine with me, as long as she wasnt hurt. one day he went too far, and she FINALLY -thank god- divorced the beast. that was around 3 years ago, and we haven’t kept in contact, (me and my father) . But my birthday, was around a month ago, and he sent presents for the very first time, whoopee. a fucking month late. cheers dad. not only that, but he sent me clothes, all in …

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Last year I promised myself that by my 17th birthday, I would be dead.

January 31st, 2013by sono_libero

I will be 17 in 8 days. Either I have 8 days to pursue death, or I have 8 days to make myself okay with the fact that I am still alive.

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January 31st, 2013by gabe123

I just want to say, first off, that I have been following this forum for awhile. You see, I have been trying to help a dear friend. Her depression and suicidal thoughts have been going on since she was a teen. Reading the comments here has really helped me understand what she’s going through.

It has been really rough lately for her. I’m trying to do my best for her. I haven’t been perfect (far from it). I’ve made tons of mistakes. Mostly, flying by the seat of my pants and guessing at what’s coming next.

Her meds were changed recently by her psychiatrist. She’s going to …

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January 31st, 2013by myranicolee

Besides what’s going on in my life

I had a bad day at school..

I was teased in every class…

For stupid stuf..

like for example I was called myrightnut

My names Myra…

And I was during about this in my notebook and someone tried to take it from me and I smacked their hand..

Then people started calling me a cat..

Calling me names..

And ECT… I’ve had two people say stop she’s gonna go sit somplace cry..

Wait keep talking maybe shell die if she does..

Stupid stuff…. And I only have one real friend thirbfor me …

Her names saveena..

She helps me…

I dont get the sence in cutting…

But for everytime im bullied ima keep …

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Bad Day

January 31st, 2013by TrumpetChick99

So I haven’t cut in a while. But I had a bad day today and I really, really want to. My parents are trying to help me, but they won’t listen. It’s just question after question. I can’t go to my mom or my dad because neither of them handle stress well, and this would stress them out.  I want to cry, but I’m too upset to even cry right now. I want things to get better. I miss promises being true. Every time I get a promise now, though, it’s broken. And it hurts.  I’ve had so many guys that I really, really liked …

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January 31st, 2013by hopefuldreamer

I feel torn between wanting to commit suicide and trying to see the brighter side . I feel sensitive lately(quite a switch from being irritable)and have been feeling very critical of myself I don’t know why, I don’t even feel like I deserve help. I

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Let me die please

January 31st, 2013by dekaash

I don’t want to live anymore. I hate life, I hate everything. I really want to take my life away but I can’t. I’m a Christian and believe in God. I don’t want to go to hell. My life is pointless. I go to these “special” classes, only two and I hate it. I was doing bad in school and got put there last year. That’s like telling me I’m dumb or something. I get a headache when I get there, I’m not the same. I tried asking my mom to put me in regular classes like the rest of my friends. I’m not dumb …

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Little bit proud on myself…

January 31st, 2013by Engeltje

When I started writing/posting on this site, I made a promise to myself. I promised myself to post EVERY DAY at least one post. I actually didn’t believe I would maintain this for more than one week. I’m a person that starts completely enthusiastic, but after a few times doing it, I always quit. So thid was a big and important challange for me. Now I’m a little proud of myself, because this is my 19th post in 18 days and I wrote everyday!! I finally do something every day. I hope that my promise won’t be broken soon…

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Dying lonely

January 31st, 2013by Aspieloneliness

I’ve been bullied for so many years, always been different. Two years ago I got the label ‘asperger syndrome’, I’ve had so much trouble accepting it, I still hate it that I’m like this. I can’t have a meaningful conversation, I can’t even keep a regular conversation going for 5 minutes. People abandon me all the time, every time I think I’m getting close to someone, that person pushes me away, it makes me feel so lonely. I feel alone in this world, I belong nowhere. And I’m failing college miserably. And then there’s a lot of stuff at home, I just don’t know why …

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I quit

January 31st, 2013by drowninginloneliness

I just want to kill myself. I am worthless.

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On Astrology

January 31st, 2013by StartmeUp

Great insight on the value and significance of astrology to help us better know ourselves.

On Astrology

enjoy! 🙂

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