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Fuck everything

Everything is so fucking wrong.
EVERYTHING IS SO FUCKED UP AND I JUST WANT TO SCREAM. I’m so angry these days. And so so lonely.
I can’t do anything as well because people will just be like ”what’s your problem” but my problem is EVERYONE. I just want to cry and hide and go back and fix everything. Everything has yet again fucked up. I fucked shit up again and I literally did not see it coming AT ALL but it just happened because that’s what happens to me. I fuck up. That’s all I do.

I don’t want a thing from life. Everything is just frustrating or painful, why should my life change and everything be normal? That’ll never happen to me. My life will never be normal because I’m not normal because I’m a fucking loser who’s fucked in the head and will never ever get help and I’ll just rot from my own self hatred.

I just want to die now, not even because I’m depressed, I just no longer require anything from life.


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rocketman 1/16/2013 - 7:32 pm

Just another sad, sad girl,
we are all losers at times and winners at others, sorry about the way you feel 🙁 things can only get better! 🙂

Dave_N 1/16/2013 - 11:03 pm

Why do you hate yourself so much? I’m sure that your a nice person in real life.

blahh 1/17/2013 - 10:17 am

those hurt more, i talk by my own experience. learnt not to be so nice but balancing stuff. i dont require anything else from life either and i do feel like a fuck up too.
we are all winners and losers at times of our lives just like Rocketman said and its so true.
youll see when you truly hit the bottom of the well there will be a mattress that will help jump out and you’ll see . 🙂 metaphorically speaking 🙂
By hitting the bottom means let it go, let things get to their worse. they can only change then. like the yin and yang symbol. bad is inside good good is inside bad, when you reach the end of one side youll have to turn to start the other. believe me its that way.

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