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A Deal with the devil.

by thedevilserreandboy

I see him everywhere i go

and never does he leave me alone

he was there at the very first time when stuff went down

he was there when miles got shut down , yeah i seen him , with my owe eyes .

he even watched me lose my mind.

laughing , with a happy smile.

when you walk the road he walks with you ,hes part of your shadow,so real and true

hes always round the corner , looking out,watching when the sun sets and when the moon shines.

at moments of despair he sees me ,watching out

ready to catch me,at this moment of weakness

ready to drop hes prey , he does this , at the very best

that is hes proffession , they call him the devil

i call him my man , he says to me how do you do

and i never reply back

but once i did , i answered

he came round the corner ,

a cold look in hes eyes , and only thing i understood is , goodbye

he gets to every person , every living soul , hes there in anytime and any minute , looking to get ya,

and if you try to escape , he’ll make sure to catch ya,

there is no hope with him , only misery and sadness

around the corner he waits you , its that easy to catch you .

i wish there would be hope , but nothing is left

and only way to seperate from him is one .

they call it death , and thats what you do , just to get away , cause once you made the deal , thats the only way.

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