Are you mentally ill if you want to commit suicide???

January 14th, 2013by Dead Right

Are people that want to commit suicide mentally ill? Yes; at least that is what almost all doctors, psychiatrists, law enforcement personnel and people that claim to have moral superiority and responsibility for monitoring the world population and assuring that everyone have their (questionable) values (and judgments) will tell you. Since these very same people have never seriously considered ending it all and their mind has been clouded (over the years) by religious dogma that has been crammed down their throat. Now they think they have the right to steer their touted morals into controlling the actions of everyone on the planet. With the threat of eternal damnation and the possibility of it being real, it is no surprise that most people think that way. I surmise that people are afraid of dying since it is one of the most mysterious parts of our existence. The undiscovered country from which no traveler returns, puzzles the will and makes us rather bare the ills that we have than to run off to others that we know not of. Thus does conscience make cowards of us all. (Paraphrasing Shakespeare) A most accurate statement if I ever heard one. I am afraid of a painful death, not death itself.

Humans are always afraid of the unknown. Although we joke about it, the boogie-man is a significant part of our daily existence…especially as children. As adults, we no longer fear the monster that lives under our bed that will bite your toes off if you get out, but rather we make our boogie-man faceless shadows that haunt our life. The funny thing is that in all of recorded history, no parent has ever discovered a monster under their child’s bed. No one has ever found a monster in a bedroom closet either. If you ever watch any of those phony “ghost-busters” type of TV shows, you will get a glimpse of what adults’ monsters look like. Totally fake! Yes, I know that you see shadows move and hear bumps in the night and the experts show you electronic proof of spirits, but they are all faked to raise TV ratings. When you see one of the ghost investigators walk through a reportedly haunted building and suddenly see them jump, claiming that a spirit touched them or pulled their hair, why is it never caught on camera and you never see their hair move? Because they are faking it!!! They are lying in order to make themselves look special…and make money. What a great racket.

With my technical expertise, I can duplicate every single incident that the ghost hunters swear is real and not faked for better ratings. Maybe I should get into that racket.

But I digress, now back to suicide and mental illness. (Excuse me for ranting a little.)

I firmly believe in most cases that the desire to commit suicide is not a result of mental illness but rather the logical byproduct of the existing crappy conditions of our life that seem unbearable at this time and based upon what we have experienced up to that point, coupled with the present day circumstances of our environment (and the other people around us). No I am not necessarily blaming anyone else for your final exit, but you know as well as I do, others often intentionally or absolutely unintentionally will torture us and be a significant factor in making our decisions. There are bullies out there, of all ages that pray upon us. Most of these bullies cannot be stopped. Live (or die) with that information.

One other thing to consider is that if you commit suicide, it is a real inconvenience for those that survive and for all “public officials.” That is correct, you cause people a lot of work when you die; so you should not do it…Right? Do you cause strangers emotional distress by dying? NO! You cause people to work harder. Do relatives want to allow you to stop your physical pain caused by incurable illnesses; Yes, but not if you have to die and deprive them of your presence. They love you!! It is much more desirable to have you suffer terrible pain than for them to miss your company or be lonely. What a bunch of selfish bastards those people really are; what a bunch of lazy people public officials are. They shoot horses don’t they?

While not a licensed mental health professional, I have been studying (abnormal?) psychology and suicide for the last 30 years. Call it a professional hobby if you will. I have been psychoanalyzing myself (and others) for quite some time and feel uniquely qualified to offer my humble opinions if asked…free of charge. Having considered committing suicide myself and thoroughly researched various methods, I am operating from a unique perspective. Licensed professionals will almost never offer solutions and engage in any “What if” conversations. If someone offers a possible solution to your problem or mental anguish, then it is not your solution and if it does not work or goes terribly wrong, the recipient of your suggestion may blame you for any negative consequences. In my view, offering a number of possible solutions as I evaluate it, still leaves the person the option to choose and act upon the suggestion(s) while still using their own intelligence to decide for themselves what to do. By asking the troubled person, if they have ever considered a particular solution, you are not telling them to act upon your suggestions of possible solutions to explore. Never tell anyone to specifically do anything regarding suicide or other dangerous actions; it is not your place. Ask them to explore a number of possibilities, but they must make the final decision what to do.

I know they have their place, but I find most professional councilors sadly useless for me. I personally get tired of being asked about a particular statement (that I have made) and how I feel about that. Yes, it is a valuable tool to be in touch with your own thoughts and feelings, but people like me that really know themselves, in every respect, due to constant self evaluation, find it most irritating and annoying. I want to have a conversation and exchange of views and not a one-way dialog. I like to think out-of-the-box. I will admit that these touchy-feely questions by professionals can be most helpful for the neophyte mental patient and will help one to teach oneself how to self-evaluate, but not for me.

It sounds rather morbid but a full understand of the process of dying and what is considered as being dead is necessary. It is not nearly as simple as you may think. The way that doctors determine irreversible death of a patient is not necessarily the same in the operating room as it is in the Emergency Room. Just because your heart has stopped and will not restart, does not mean you are necessarily brain dead at that particular moment. Various parts of the brain (and body) die at different times. Is consciousness still maintained for a while after your heart has stopped? Are you completely dead when the doctor pronounces you so? What tests do doctors perform in order to decide?? Does that sound scary??? Yes it is!!! And that is why you should be very sure that you want to die!!! There are a number of good books out there that examine the process of death and just beg to be read…especially by someone considering suicide.

Do you believe there is life after death?? Are you going to see a tunnel of bright light?? Are you going to have an out-of-body experience??

I died once while in a coma for three weeks after contracting Meningitis. I was revived (obviously) but do not remember any tunnel, dead relatives or Jesus. There are also a number of good books on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) as well as a lot of good information on-line. It is necessary to consider the people that say they experience these phenomenon are probably delusional or are just lying to get attention.

Do you understand what I am saying? I know that can be a lot of work, researching death, dying and suicide before you make an attempt. Do not act on the spur of the moment!! Be sure!!! I can guarantee that researching death will change your life. If you live a single day without learning at least one new thing, it is a day wasted and you are not trying hard enough.

I do not want to blow smoke up your butt and suggest that every woe can have a happy ending…because that is not the case in all instances. Sometimes your life will remain sh*tty until you die, sometimes things change and life gets better…if you only wait for a while.
In most cases, situations will always change over time and problems can sometimes fix themselves and/or go away. Really consider what needs to happen in your life in order to make you forget about suicide. Try to facilitate that.

I have been seriously planning to commit suicide for the past year and even purchased what I need to finish the action. I have written a 12 page open-ended suicide note and eaten my last meal. (Lobster) I got evicted from my house and lost everything that I own. It was very traumatic but since I want to die with a smile on my face, ending it all was postponed for a few months. My life has not improved, everything seems to go wrong and at this time expect to end it all within a few months, maybe sooner. There is still the possibility things will change and I will decide to postpone my final exit for a while longer. I may forget about suicide completely. Although I am in mental pain and financial straits, I am not in a great hurry to end it. If I get kicked out of my motel room (because of being broke) and have to sleep in my old car, suicide will be eminent. My social security check is not enough to live upon and make ends meet on a month to month basis. No one wants to hire a man in his seventies with poor health. If I was working even part-time, I would probably hang on a while longer. Sh*t really happens, miracles do not. (In a religious context.) Long shots sometimes pay off…but don’t count on it. I will not tolerate being homeless and living on the street!!!!

Are you mentally ill, probably not, but if you are reading this, you could probably use some help. Get it now.

Dead Right.
5:10 am.

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