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Im just a nuisance

by hugoka

Ever since I was little, my parents have always been different. Harder,stricter, meaner. To all outward appearances, they seem like some fairly-wealthy, friendly vignorons (grape growers). Well if they’re friendly, then they probably just dont like me. Preposterous you say? Your parents LOVE you you say?
No, they dont. Not mine at least. For years ive always been that useless, dumb child that they cant stand the look of. No matter how friendly i am, how well i achieve or how much i help them, i get more crap. Im not dumb and im not useless. But they think I am. Any thirst for knowledge i ever had has been quenched by their dumb narrow-mindedness and their attitude. I live on a farm, im a bloody hard worker, and much more than any other teenager my age (i just turned 14). I devote my entire holidays to keeping our very large house clean, working on the farm and working in our shop. I’ve done nearly 85 hours this holidays just out of the farm and the shop, and thats on top of the house. Yet still, i cant even talk to either of them without them acting (and sometimes even saying) that im dumb, im slow. Tonight, i offered to make ravioli for the family, as i have done that before and it means that mum can rest. But because we had no sauce, i asked her to write down the instructions for making it(im proficient in cooking, but i still am not at the point where i can just know what to do) and now shes home and angry at me, saying: “See hugo, this is how you peel an onion! You could’ve done that today instead of giving me grief over it!” followed by much sighing and acting like im a nuisance.I didnt GIVE my mum fucking grief over it, she will pick out every single little thing i do and then dramatise it. Now because i get upset when ever i even try something new because i apparently “give her grief” my thirst for knowledge is shrinking. My dad is a bit different. Instead my dad will just challenge you on a fact and will either a) prove you wrong and laugh at you or B) get proved wrong and still believe in his side of the argument and say that people will laugh at my idiocy. Even when im being compassionate for others they’re still angry at me. I just want to leave the house. So fucking bad. I plan to move to london in four years time. If i hold on that long. That is all for now.


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xylem 1/20/2013 - 7:19 am

you are very hard working for a 14 yr old and it’s a shame that your parents treat you that way. You are smart, keep up the hard work and you’ll get far. It is great that you have a plan, hang in there and keep thinking about London. Plan out the things u want to do,places u want to see to keep your mind occupied and have something to motivate you. Hold on to ur dream and don’t give up. 🙂

hugoka 1/20/2013 - 10:49 pm

Yeah but the problem is is that i live in perth (western australia). Its a fairly big city of about 2 million, but i hate it because its ugly and theres nothing to do and cause its so isolated. But my parents are control freaks. Chances are, i’ll be just one step before moving to london before they pull out their control freakyness :/

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