Please, God, kill me!!

January 22nd, 2013by Engeltje

I’m desperate. I don’t want to anymore. Please, God, I’m begging you, make sure I will die accidently. Let there be a strong wind, when I’m standing at the platform waiting for my train, so I’ll fall off the platform onto the rails and the train will drive over me and I’ll be dead. Or let my bus get a serious accident I won’t survive. Do something, God, I’m begging you. Kill me, it’s the only way to save me from myself. Please, God, make sure I’ll die…

~ What if there’s only one way out?
One way to feel better,
one way to love myself.
What if it’s the only option left?
The only option to feel better,
the only option to love myself.
But wouldn’t it be selfish to commit suicide? ~

For people who are interested: No, I don’t specifically believe in God. I’m agnostic.

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