my little secret place.

February 28th, 2013by deadeyes

I’ll start of with this, im a girl, a teenager, who’s constantly thinking about death, has panic attacks very often, loses control of myself at night sometimes, i just love the idea of causing harm to herself.
but these things..I don’t want them to be a part of me anymore, i want to move on. I want to hold on to the littlest things in life,i want to survive this. until maybe around 12 hours ago I was just so ready all i needed were the right pills. but certain people, in my life, they just mean so much to me and i know that they’d be sad, if i went away..i can name them on my fingers, but id HATE to bring sadness, upon those who cared. so whether i like it or not, i have to hold on. this site, right here, is my secret place noone knows about, where i can post stuff i need to remember, where i can vent out everything,you guys help me so much with your comments and just,that feeling that I’m not alone,being among people who feel like you do. it’s inexplicably great. So I’ll just say,i love you all, you guys are with me in my little secret place.

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