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day dreams

by Tormenting Dreams

i love to hear the sound of your pain
i love the feel of the blood in your veins
your heart beats at an elevated rate
do you think you can escape?
inside these walls i rein supreme
i can torture you in any way i dream
its not so different from what you did to me
so mother fucker i want to hear you scream!!!!!
you beat me and hurt me
you twisted and turned me
i was your pawn and now im king
so fight the matador in his ring
whats that you say?
your sorry?
a little late for a sob story
i don’t care what you have to say
i want you to bleed out this very day
to slice you and dice you in never enough
to bring out the rings and and cut you fingers off?
still not ever going to be good enough
ill put this on hold for another day,
but when i come back i will bring the pain

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