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Grant death to the good, for they deserve better

by kilofifi

Gives pain to those that are weak and can come out stronger. Endure and take as a reminder that the earthly ties of anguish are still knitted, and no human can untie what was tied by a supreme being. only the spirit and hand of it who laid the blocks and keyholes to that castle has the right to stand and move in it.

I wake to the sound of sadness and betrayal from a thought far far above. Understanding is all I will never get, actions turn to regrets. I lay, in a room, the ceiling is a dark night sky hidden from shooting stars. Black sheets of pain take over. Senses diminishing with every breath and step I dare not take but take. For real, seems unreal. I’m here , Thinking and doing as if I’m there. The pain throbbing and growing in and around me. I can’t recognize if im good with it or not. It gets bigger but ii keep, Time slips through the air that once held it so well. I sit and watch my skin sleep into my bones, deeper, deeper, and deeper into a world yet unknown. A world opposite to this with toes on head and head on toes. Things recognized, things death will bring unto shortly. No food, no hunger. The will to a sense of life of being lifeless. Holding to the clouds bouncing and running through them, like field of white peaceful dandelions, dreams and aspirations blown to freedom. Floating through time, No food, no Hunger.

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one_day 2/3/2013 - 6:22 am

To sleep, perchance, to dream.

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