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it’s a game i don’t wanna play

by kros

Rules are made to enslave boredom is there to tell you it’s time to change the view i just want to find the cheat codes so i can fly

everytime i turn on the tv i feel like smashing the room i hate to work and be taxed because people i don’t know are having it a little worse then me all i find are lies dyed in virtue i hate this world because a hero gets a bullet in the head and the villain gets a medal

Someone else has to tell me how to live because god said so or half the people elected a puppet.My family doesn’t know shit about me and they try to hold me as a hostage on this world because they will miss my image.All my friends have found their path.

So here’s an idea if you’re tired and friendless find some kindred spirits chose a spot and begin a new life of fun when you’re bored throw a party and aim for the sky.

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