A Shell of A Ghost Made of Flesh and Bone

March 31st, 2013by apollon

A have you ever gotten that feeling you know the one that nothing is quiet right and that nothing will ever be right? Let’s operate that you do know this delight because you googled “suicide stories. That formentioned feeling is how my life’s been running in for awhile and to be honest I don’t care much nW. there’s a deep gutting feeling to all my crickets now ranging from joke telling to hanigning out with my best friends. It’s as if I wasn’t suicide to tell this joker hanging out here cause I’mdeeded somewhere else or rathe rnor needed but suppose to be and that feeling scoops out Mu soul. Yes the radiance of my being the part of who I am and the spiritual wnergy I no longer have. I come o realize Jo I used to life my live day by day joke by joke and laugh by luang forget and forgiving myself for Ll my mistakes . Now I know that icannot do this anymore and I must not life day by day any

Ore rather experience by experince and this tears my soul. Am A Shell of A Ghost Made of Flesh and Bone

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