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I have HIDDEN a book about my unseen sent MESSAGES.

by freezinginfire

It seems like everyone who didn’t previously hate me now is mad at me. I’m standing on a building a fly could topple and here comes an eagle. Tomorrow everything will get worse, plus there will be the addition of having no opportunity to fix it because of my, now expected to be stressful, vacation.

1. Why can’t anyone accept ME?!
I REALLY tried to PLEASE all of you!

2. Why won’t they BELIEVE me?!
I didn’t do the stuff they say I DID!

3. Why does everyone leave me?!
Everyone is gone, A PART OF my inspiration was recently hit by a police car on THE interstate at NIGHT, he’s dead now!

4. How come EVERYONE copes BETTER THAN I do, but no one can forgive my mistakes?!
I’m just really that screwed up huh?!

5. Why do I want someone to care when this gives me the FREEDOM TO die?!
I’ll CLEANSE the world of MYSELF!

1. …Ha, that’s a good joke.
2. …Not anymore, my expectations are gone.
3. I’m as insignificant and overlooked and hated as… that people sleep through.
4. No wonder the don’t want me.
5. …No longer with my blood, but with my life?

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