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I’m In Love Again :D

by TrumpetChick99

It’s true. I love Trevor. Ya know, when I was little, and I watched TV shows, I always saw the girls freaking out over the guys. They would always say, “I love the way he says my name…”. I thought they were crazy. But then I found something out. They’re not. I had an after school rehearsal today. I sat by Trevor. He said my name every time he talked to me. And I love the way he says it. Oh my gosh, he said, “Courtney, he’s talking about measure blah blah blah,” and I said, ” I think it’s measure blah blah blah”. A few seconds later, our band director says that it’s the measure I said. Trevor said, “Aw man”, and hung his head. His face was RED. It was pretty funny. And then, Tanner (second trumpet in my grade, always an ass to me) started being a jerk. Trevor took up for me. He threatened to kick his ass.  Gotta love that guy! Hahahaha. Anyway, the way he acted, I don’t think that he actually said all that mean stuff about me. Anyways, I’m really happy. 😀

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xXwaiting4thelightXx 3/4/2013 - 7:50 pm

good for you ^_^

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