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by I.cant.breathe!

i have scars. yeah, they’re pretty bad. all up my arms and legs. But they serve a nice purpose. they remind not to do dumb shit like trust anyone, or believe there is hope, or even believe in general. they remind me that life is one big game of lies, of which, i lose. They remind me that life is like a funhouse mirror, you think everything is perfect until you step in front of one. and then BAM! everything just goes wack. so yeah, I wear black. “typical emo” though right? (*bastards*) I wear black to remind me that everyday is a day to mourn the birth of myself, that everyday is a day without my friends who died (*suicide’s a ******) I wear black cause I can.
Now for the one question that EVERYONE who knows me wants to know: “what’s an emo?”
well, if you weren’t so narrow minded, you’d know that emo is a shortened version of emotional. so, an emo is someone who has a lot of emotions. people get emo[tional] confused with depressed or bi-polar. emo[tional] is completly different, and really. to be honest, I don’t like to be considered emo[tional] but i am a hormonal thirteen year old girl, i mean c’mon. I gonna get mood swings. (*like as if i were on a swing at that one park i used to hang out at with……..nevermind…*) Probably no one will read this. No one ever reads my posts unles their eyes wander from the other posts. and if you do read this. have fun getting back the last however many minutes you spent reading this.


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MarilynMonkeyFace 3/30/2013 - 5:01 am

I read this. Just letting you know:)

why i dont no 3/30/2013 - 5:58 am

all ways here you know that xx

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