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Little Doll

by Ignorance

Came into the world bright and perfect

Never expected something so terrifying

Something so hectic

Full of death and crying

I wasn’t scared or sad

I thought I was saved and they weren’t lying

I was sitting in my perfect world, too blind to see the bad

Then here comes the giant, my hands he was tying

I was going out of my mind, I thought I was going mad

Then here comes the death, here comes the crying

My head was pounding as I thought, “Where is my dad?”

The giant laughed, whispering “His love for you is dying”

My hands were bonded by duct tape, losing the strength I had

My feet were stuck together, I was done trying

I let go, I let my mind slip and my soul go just a tad

I was closed up in a room to collect dust, and after I while I started complying

With the giant’s orders, I listened and followed through and like an apple in the sun, I went bad

I turned from everything I ever knew, and my heart quit trying


I was sitting in my rotten world, broken and gone

I had tried everything, and I was tired and dead

I wanted to fade to black, but my heart beat on

So much torment my mind went through, so much blood my arms had bled

I didn’t see any future, I thought the giant had won

But then something caught my ear, and the most perfect voice said

“I love you, and I will never leave you. From you I haven’t withdrawn”

I felt all at once, I could hear, smell, see, and feel things like never before, so much it hurt my head

There was no more pain, all of it seemed to be dreams from times foregone

I was alive, I was beautiful, it was all simple, and I wasn’t dead

I stood up, and searched every where for the voice, crying for it like I would for a mate if I was a swan

I found it, I found Him, and my wings began to spread

(The inspiration for this poem came from a little doll I had gotten in a Happy Meal from McDonald’s more than 3 years ago. I had taken thin strips of duct tape and bound the doll’s hands and feet together, even wrapping the tape around her mouth. I related to the position the doll was in at that time. She was trapped, as I was. Tonight I finally took the duct tape off her small, plastic body. I cleaned her up, taking the sticky adhesive leftovers off. She has long purple hair that was matted from the stickiness, so I brushed it and braided it. This may seem childish, but now I can relate to her once more. She is free of her bondage, and she is beautiful.)

All thanks to Jesus Christ, I am alive.







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