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The Greatest Sea Of Nothing

by apollon

If you’ve ever had a chemistry class’s you should know that at every moment of life there’s and enermOus amount of pressure hurling down on you. It s what keeps the water in place and the oygen in the air I think. But just like the oceans were all under pressure contanst continuous pressure. Thats really how we live forever….

I have a deep love for bots I love the sail bots the old wooden ones . I thong that mastery of ship captains and their crew is the apex of adventure and freedom. I ve always wanted to be and old shi ccatain and feel the wind on my sail knowing there’s nothing but me and the sea to navigate my own path and live my own terms .

What I find though is that in fact we are not differnt from the boats of old with the cannons and sails and sweat stained blood. We are exactly the same ad the boats on the sea that we are all trying to stay above this pressure hurling us around. We are all navigating our waters of adventure seeking freedom and treasures. We can all be boats on the high seas of land were the cannon fire of emotion and lose breaks our masks and the clash of abuse and nelgect come like pirates from a raid. We are not so differnt and to set our own path downs dn sometimes never make it to have a whirlwind of death rotting and coldly vivid glacong over us . We are all boats and mine has sunk
Under the great sea of air.

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