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Summer nights

by Tormenting Dreams

they said summer nights would last forever

take my hand this is our endeavor

running up the side walk in the pitch dark

hoping some where love had sparked

when you kissed me it was full of passion

but that was it nothing else happened

i couldn’t wait to get you undress

the audience can guess what happened next

it was fun just for a while

but it ran out after so many miles

i never knew it would affect you like this

i had no way of knowing what would happen next

they found you swinging from the closet beam

it was like a nightmare from a twisted dream

i never meant to play you that hard

i know it now i went to far

i cant take away the tragic past

or fix all the lives that i have trashed

i dont know where my life will lead

but inside i know my heart still bleeds

i cant take anything for serious

sometimes i think the whole world is delirious

i dont know whats wrong with me

i laugh so hard until i weep

this makes me seem so messed up

how i can put these to subjects up

line from line its all a mess

but honestly i have to confess

i hurt, and scared, im angry at myself

how i could come first and put people on the shelf

i had a bad past but a worse ending

this is no fun, in not resending

they said summer night would last forever

i dream of the past and do it all over

i change one thing or maybe two

in the end i still lose you

you were a good friend and that was it

i shouldnt have played you or pull any shit

but i did and its all now lost

and i did it all at what cost?

several hours of erotic pleasure,

to rob you of your lifes bloods treasure


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