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Do you remember?

by Tormenting Dreams

do you remember when we stole that car?

we took off fast and drove all night long

it was four AM when you freaked the fuck out

we drove all the way back and parked it outside the house.

do you remember all the long nights,

looking at the stars and talking about life,

we broke into the school and were sitting on the roof

when the cops rolled up and we all got spooked

we managed to run, and get away

but we went right back the very next day

do you remember the public pool

how we got so high and thought we were cool

running on the side and crashing in the deep end

i wish that summer was all but spent

do you remember good old wootang our secret spot

just off the road where we would never get caught

getting high and pretending we were smart

we were philosopher’s, who never had heart

remember when i got busted for steal from the store

we had walked four miles down the road when the cops slammed me against the car door

they put me in the car and took me away

but i was back the very next day

i still remember the railroad tracks

it connects my life right to the past

i never knew people could change my life so directly

you smart ass quirky ass bastards did it so effectivly

i can never go back without think of you,

and how we thought we all were so cool

so tell me stella are you still asleep?

do you still listen to that song on repeat?

spidey my friend are you still tough?

or did you face reality and just give up?

your a softy, you and i know that

and thats why ull still be my friend when i go back

tony my pimp whats her name?

are we still on number 88?

optimistic Tiffany, my pretty girl

your like a sister in a messed up world

taylor i hope you realize you dont need a man

your a smart girl whos guna go far with alot of plans

cody you *****, i heard you knocked his ass out

i knew you could do it, man you make me proud

Micheal i know we were worlds apart

if i were to fix the past your where i would start

adam still 3 yrs in juvy?

i told you drugs weren’t groovy

Austin& Austin i dont know you guys to well,

(im sorry i finger banged one of your sisters when u were past out 😐

she gives good blow jobs though.)

but im pretty sure we all have a spot reserved in hell

Kaleb the most fucked up man i know

atleast you have some morals. u wont do it unless its over twelve

Ray you had the best weed in town

i know you got busted and for once, im glad i wasnt around

Maddy, i admit your cute, but you are to young,

your friend Antonia though, yumm

ian your cool even though your gay

its still a mcdonalds world so have it your way.

your some of the people that made my day specials

even when we leave the world, in the sands of time will be our initials









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SadSteve 5/11/2013 - 11:22 pm

very nice, though its Burger King that does it your way, haha sorry just had to say it.

shatteredglass 5/11/2013 - 11:24 pm

i knew some one would tell me it was burger king, but its an inside joke that has yet to run dry

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